K e v i n   M o r s e  
C l a s s i c a l   G u i t a r i s t

Kevin Morse has spent his life dedicated to the development and mastery of the Classical Guitar.
He is the protégé and premier exponent of a legendary guitarist from England named Stanley Watson (1926-1978) who was one of history's most interesting guitarists.
He met his mentor at age 13 while living in Rochester, New York. The two bonded quickly as Watson recognized the young student’s unique talent and desire to play the instrument.
Watson’s demanding physical approach to technique suited Kevin very well as he was a serious athlete. In fact Stanley Watson developed a systematic, progressive method of learning the guitar that transcends any previous methods and will guide the dedicated student from the painful steps of early apprenticeship to the heights of mastery. Kevin recognized this at an early age and committed his life to Watson’s methods and pedagogy. He spent 10 years working closely with his mentor before Watson untimely death at age 53 in 1978.
Since then Kevin Morse has gone on to become one of the finest guitarists in the world today. His powerful technique and sound has earned him formidable recognition and acclaim.

The beauty of this coastal paradise is the ideal place for him to continue his work. He is still a serious athlete that enjoys cycling, hiking and sports in general. 
He has performed throughout the United States and Europe.
He has been a featured performer on WGHB in Boston as well as numerous performances on MPBN radio in Maine.
He has been an artist in residence at numerous New England schools and is committed to the exposure and education of young people to the world of Spanish Guitar.
Kevin resides on Mount Desert Island, Maine which is home to Acadia National Park.
In 1992 he was the winner of a prestigious International Competition sponsored by “Guitar Player Magazine”, where he was named the “Ultimate Classical Guitarist” from an extensive field of players from Europe and the United States.