K e v i n   M o r s e
The World of Spanish Guitar
Kevin offers a fun, unique, interactive program that is an unforgettable, enriching musical demonstration.
Students are exposed to a great variety of music as well as a talk on the history and development of the world's most popular instrument. All young people can relate to the guitar and are familiar with it in one way or another.
Kevin exposes the students to the virtuoso classical style of playing that is beyond anything they could imagine the guitar is capable of.
From Bach to Flamenco, this musical program gives the student a close up and personal look into the exciting world of the Spanish Guitar.
Program Outline:

1. My first objective is that the program is FUN as well as EDUCATIONAL.
2. INTERACTIVE: I get the students involved by an open question-answer forum after each piece or at any time during the program.
3. I am here to educate and not entertain. The students not only hear a variety of music, but are taught about the construction and materials used in building this rare and special instrument. They are quizzed at the end of the program.
4. The students are given a fresh look and attitude about music that makes them realize that classical music is "cool".
5. They learn the value of hard work to achieve a difficult goal.
6. I bring music and athletics together.

Kevin has a wonderful rapport with young people of all ages and this program can be offered at all levels. The program can also be offered to suit specific areas of curriculum, such as Language classes: Spanish, English etc. or even math or physics.

COST EFFECTIVE: Kevin will work with you to offer a format that fits into your school budget. Some schools like a two or three day residency format with a performance for each class period. Others may want a shorter format or an all school performance. The program can be tailored to fit specific needs.

This program has been highly recommended by many educators and Kevin guarantees your satisfaction.
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